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Motorcar freight transportation

Motorcar freight transportation

Shipping company «Loginof» organizes direct cartage of any consignments according to the formula "one client - one vehicle", ie general cargo.

Our shipping company takes the responsibility for the prompt supply of vehicles required for the delivery of the cargo. Delivery by the wagon or by any other selected vehicle is carried out without stopping at intermediate points and congestion that can significantly reduce logistics costs and time of the cargo transportation to the destination point.

Transportation of such cargo requires more careful attention from the shipping company. And we absolutely ensure the safety of the cargo. If you choose this service, you will be provided with the individual car where your product will not be equipped with the cargo of the other clients as it is in cargo carriage.

We select the vehicle that corresponds to the cargo- to its form and weight, we can also advise you on this issue, if you already have any preferences.

We constantly trace your cargo and regularly inform customers about its status in real time: via SMS and e-mails.

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